At Harborside, you can pay with cash, a debit card, and a number of mobile app options to make checking out easier than ever before. Choose from CanPay, KindPay, and Treez Pay:

Convenient, Secure, and Easy to Pay

CanPay is a debit payment app that allows you to pay for your purchases at Harborside Oakland with a simple debit to your checking account when you make a purchase.


Cash-free, touchless payments

KindPay is a closed loop payment system that allows consumers to make cash-free mobile payments. KindPay is accepted at all Harborside locations.
Treez Pay

Enjoy secure, one-click with with Treez Pay powered by Stronghold and take advantage of contactless transactions!

Enjoy secure, one-click with with Treez Pay powered by Stronghold and take advantage of contactless transactions! Harborside is thrilled to introduce Treez Pay, which allows for secure, one-click payments that enable contactless transactions for online, pick-up, and delivery orders! Pay ahead of time with just a small convenience fee per transaction.*
  1. Place your online order.
  2. Look for your confirmation text.
  3. Follow the link to Treez Pay


All aspects of Harborside customer information are encrypted and securely stored with out partner, Stronghold.


Cashless transactions minimize unnecessary contact with cash between Harborside customers and staff.​


After your first order, you'll be able to pay with one click! Enjoy skipping lines when you prepay for pickup


One-click SMS payments make it easy to pay anywhere easily!

Treez Pay is a digital payment solution for online pickup or delivery orders with your mobile device. When you place an order with Harborside and pick Treez Pay, you’ll receive an SMS text message with a link to add your payment information and authorize payment for your order. On all future orders, you can checkout with your default payment method with one click.

Treez has integrated Stronghold’s compliant ACH payment solution into our PoS, allowing us at Harborside to enable Treez Pay. ACH payments are electronic bank-to-bank payments, allowing customers to pay directly from their account to a merchant.

When you place an order through our online menu and confirm that you will be using Treez Pay, you will receive a text message or email with a link to Treez Pay. Securely sign-in with your banking provider and link it with a Stronghold account. Once you have logged in to your Stronghold account, confirm your items and your total before tapping Pay.

Not at all. Using Treez Pay means your information is stored securely with Stronghold, so the only step to paying for your Treez Pay order is logging in through our secure link. You can always add or switch payment methods as needed. 

No. Using Treez Pay at Harborside does not require using any mobile applications; any necessary links will open in your phone’s browser. Treez Pay powered by Stronghold embeds directly into our existing Harborside PoS system.

Yes, absolutely none of our customer’s data is accessible by Treez or Harborside. Treez Pay leverages Stronghold’s ACH payment system – Stronghold handles communication with your bank.

There is a small convenience fee of $3 associated with each transaction. 

Payments via Stronghold run on the ACH network. ACH payments are secure electronic bank-to-bank payments that allow a merchant to debit directly from a customer’s account once the customer approves the transaction. Funds move from one bank account to another with the help of a centralized system that directs funds to their final destination.

The transaction will appear as the merchant’s name on your statement.