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What you put in your body matters.

Regenerative farming is also arguably better for those of us consuming what comes from the land. If you care enough about your health to buy organic in grocery stores, you should look at cannabis the same way. By creating a very healthy lifecycle under the soil – one that is teeming with life – all the goodness comes into play in the plants we grow. Not only is the overall flavor markedly better, but so are the cannabinoid and terpenes levels when we test!

Regenerative farming’s impact on our final product? The quality. It looks and tastes better.

There are simply no shortcuts to quality and at Sonoma Hills Farm we are steadfast in our commitment to doing it right. This equates to more work, and greater cost, but by using these practices and respectfully treating the land, we have better quality, with remarkably better flavor, and flower that boasts higher terpenes. Imagine an organically grown tomato – the taste is so much better because the nutrition is higher. The same goes for cannabis. Plus, we have a rare cannabinoid and higher terpene profile in our flower that you can taste. Every ounce of effort translates to quality.

Above all, it’s the right thing to do for the land, and for the overall environment.

At Sonoma Hills Farm we believe it’s our responsibility to do the right thing for the land and the environment. Our goal is to create a healthier life system that will be respected and nurtured for years to come. In return, nature rewards us with the highest expression of each plant, which we are honored to share with friends and bring to market.

Regenerative, sungrown flower that not only tastes different, but also looks different.

Frankly, sungrown cannabis looks different and there’s a clear reason. While rich in terpenes and flavor, there is a more intense, wider light spectrum from the sun vs artificial lighting – meaning it makes more chlorophyll from natural sunlight – so the colors are darker and more pronounced. It’s the natural expression of the plant, and what this plant wants to reach its full genetic potential. As we patiently wait until the perfect time to harvest, we see deeper greens from the wider light spectrum, which looks a LOT different than what is grown indoors in a much different light environment. Leaves on outdoor cannabis boast more pronounced colors since natural sunlight paired with the larger spectrum of nutrition from the soil changes the look of the plant. Net: outdoor, sungrown cannabis is a tasty, seasonal treat that you can look forward to once a year.

Certified Cannabis, the right choice for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Sonoma Hills Farm’s cannabis flower is produced in harmony with nature using regenerative farming techniques and is harvested at its full-term peak potential. In addition to Sun+Earth certification, the farm’s cannabis was one of first to be recognized as “organic comparable,” as designated by CCOF’s OCal program, which certifies consistency with the uniform standards of the National Organic Program.

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