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Cloudberry Sleep Gummies: 25% Off

Introducing PLUS Dual Action Sleep Gummies, the first Dual Action cannabis gummies to combine fast acting and long lasting formulas in one delicious edible. PLUS Dual Action Sleep gummies solve the two biggest problems in sleep: falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.

Save 25% on Cloudberry

Dual Action- sleep Gummies

Per Piece: 5mg THC, 1mg CBN, 1mg CBD
Per Tin: 100mg THC, 20mg CBN, 20mg

Enjoy Sleep Cloudberry Gummies. Fall asleep quickly with 5mg of cutting-edge nano-emulsified THC which provides rapid onset in just 8 minutes. Stay asleep longer with the powerful sedating effect from a blend of CBN, CBD, and ten sleep terpenes delivered via extended release technology to help you drift off to dreamland and wake up feeling refreshed!

Made with 5mg of THC, 1mg of CBN, and 1MG of CBD per piece and all-natural flavors and colors. Each gummy contains less than 1G of sugar and only 5 calories. 20 servings per container.

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