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Explore California’s top 10 cannabis brands, strains, and edible brands for 2023. Find your favorite at Harborside.


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post-featured-consuming-cannabis-responsibly@2x post-featured-consuming-cannabis-responsibly@2x post-featured-consuming-cannabis-responsibly@2x

Consuming Cannabis Responsibly

These guidelines help those who use cannabis identify ways of accessing cannabis in a positive, safe and mature way.
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alexis-loh alexis-loh alexis-loh

Cannabis is Love: Alexis Mora

In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, we speak with Alexis Mora, a member of the AAPI community who leads Key Cannabis. Alexis is an innovative ...
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love-over-hate-banner love-over-hate-banner love-over-hate-banner

Cannabis is Love: AAPI

Our new 'Love Over Hate' canvas tote bags reflect Harborside's core values. We are donating 25% of proceeds to the nonprofit 18MillionRising to support the ...
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smoke-like-a-pro-cover-image-1200 smoke-like-a-pro-cover-image-1200 smoke-like-a-pro-cover-image-1200

Harborside Presents: Smoke Like a Pro

Join us as we go over common cannabis consumption methods as well as tips and tricks so that you can enjoy just a little more ...
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post-featured-cannabis-not-marijuana@1x post-featured-cannabis-not-marijuana@1x post-featured-cannabis-not-marijuana@1x

Why We Don’t Say Marijuana

Why do we use the term “marijuana” sparingly? The answer lies in the roots of the phrase.
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Harborside-Farms-Grow-What-You-Know-Blog-Cover Harborside-Farms-Grow-What-You-Know-Blog-Cover Harborside-Farms-Grow-What-You-Know-Blog-Cover

Harborside Presents: Grow What You Know

With the combined knowledge of our 14 years in the California Cannabis Industry, all our plants are grown using natural practices on our 47-acre facility ...
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post-featured-keeping-cannabis-fresh@1x post-featured-keeping-cannabis-fresh@1x post-featured-keeping-cannabis-fresh@1x

Keeping Your Cannabis Fresh

Proper storage of cannabis is critical for keeping it as potent as possible.
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post-featured-kikoko2x post-featured-kikoko2x post-featured-kikoko2x

Cannabis is Wellness: Featuring Kikoko

Meet Amanda Jones of Kikoko: a women-focused, women-lead, cannabis wellness company.
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post-featured-the-balm@2x post-featured-the-balm@2x post-featured-the-balm@2x

Cannabis is Wellness: Featuring THE BALM

We discuss wellness with Samantha Goldie, the co-founder of THC-rich cannabis topical THE BALM.
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