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Know Your Dabs

Know Your Dabs

Wondering which concentrate is for you? This dab guide will make sure your 710 is truly lit.


Rosin is similar to shatter but processed through heat extraction rather than solvents—perfect for those looking for a less waxy chemical free concentrate with stronger potency.

Suggested Consumption Method: Crumble into bowl, dab, or use a vape pen with a concentrate adapter

Lowell Farms: Age Cured Rosin

Lowell’s Aged Cured Rosin is extracted from subsequent presses of the same Full-Melt Hash. We age cure these small batches by agitating and storing the rosin in ideal conditions.

Live Resin

Live Resin contains more of the original terpenes of the plant than other concentrates since it is flash frozen and processed immediately after harvest—a must for dabbers who enjoy flavorful concentrates high in THCA.

Suggested Consumption Method: Dab or use a vape pen with a concentrate adapter

Raw Garden: Live Resin

Made from our Clean Green Certified cannabis flower using organically-based farming techniques. Contains approximately 4-7% terpenes and comes in a drier consistency than Raw Garden Sauce.


Crumble is a type of wax that is hard but brittle and sand-like as opposed to sticky and waxy—ideal for those who’d prefer to sprinkle their concentrates with their fingers rather than use a tool.

Suggested Consumption Method: Sprinkle on top of a water pipe bowl, or dab

Oakland Extracts: Cookie Crumble

Single-sourced from local farms and developed with a fine-tuned technique that allows for maximum terpene retention for a potent flavorful crumble without any additives of terps or cannabinoids.


Shatter resembles broken glass since it’s usually see-through with a more solid consistency  than other concentrates—the go-to for dab rig enthusiasts who prefer a less sticky concentrate.

Suggested Consumption Method: Dab 

Creme De Canna: Shatter

Made with clean sustainable farming practices alongside industry-leading equipment to bring premium quality lab tested concentrates.


Diamonds, which look like diamonds, are nearly pure THCA crystals which will turn to THC when heated during the dabbing process—cut out for experienced smokers who are looking for the most potent THC experience.

Suggested Consumption Method: Dab, grind up and sprinkle on bowl, use a vape pen with a concentrate adapter, or eat for THCA benefits.

Alien Labs/Connected: Diamonds

These live diamonds are a mixture of chunky THCA crystals with a thin layer of oil composed of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Customize your dabbing experience by adjusting the ratio of crystals to sauce on your dabber to choose your adventure.

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