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Being counterfeited since 2014.

In our Kingdom, we don’t just set the bar; we are the bar. Join us on a journey through the heart of cannabis culture, where quality reigns supreme, and the highs are fit for royalty.

In 2014, Kingpen & Kingroll emerged in the vibrant heart of California, where the sun embraced the soil, and cannabis culture thrived. These brands pay homage to a rich cannabis legacy and the pioneers who cultivated the OG strains that paved the way. Taking root during a time when the vape and market lacked consistency and reliability. Kingpen & Kingroll rewrote the narrative by introducing highly potent, strain-specific THC vapes and infused prerolls that consistently deliver exceptional taste and quality.

As true pioneers, Kingpen reshaped the cannabis industry, pushing the boundaries of science and engineering in cannabis oil manufacturing. Today, they proudly stand as two of the most prestigious and influential brands, boasting one of California’s largest distribution networks. Kingpen & Kingroll offer California-original, strain-specific formulations, each perfected to set the standard. Their proprietary oil undergoes triple refinement, ensuring the smoothest hits, and is blended with award-winning, strain-specific terpenes for an authentic cannabis experience.

The World’s Most Counterfeited Brand

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In our Kingdom, we don’t just set the bar; we are the bar.

The Collection.

Award winning Kingroll and king roll junior packs


KINGROLLS are hand-crafted, chief coated, high-potency infused preroll that showcase flavor, quality, and a consistent burn. Featuring combinations of our signature Kingpen oil with complimentary flower strains, Kingrolls create a powerful and potent experience, every time.

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Award winning Kingpen distillate carts

KINGPEN Original

Kingpen’s signature strains offer a product that is consistent and reliable so customer’s keep coming back for more.

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Award winning Kingpen Royale live resin carts


Kingpen Royale puts full spectrum live resin at the forefront. Using high-end tech, we extract the highest terpene content and create a consistency perfect for vaping that showcases great flavor and enables a smooth draw, every time.

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Define your Legacy.

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