Harborside Presents: Smoke Like a Pro

Intimidated by a bong hit?
Not sure what a dab rig is?
Are you simply looking to up your 420 knowledge?

Harborside’s canna-wizard Jessie takes newbie Sydney through different cannabis smoking methods in our brand new segment: Smoke Like A Pro.

Join us as we go over common cannabis consumption methods as well as tips and tricks so that you can enjoy just a little more from your experience. Remember, coughing is ok.

Pro Tips for Cannabis Newbies:

  • Start low and go slow — especially with edibles, you can always consume more, you can’t consume less
  • Having a cannabis grinder is handy for rolling your own blunts, packing your own bowls, or vaping flower
  • Choosing greenhouse or sungrown cannabis products will ensure more terpenes in your flower  — terpenes are aromatic oils that can make your cannabis experience more relaxing and enjoyable
  • Make sure you are aware of your surroundings before you start consuming cannabis  — it’s best to be somewhere familiar, like in the comfort of your home
  • If you are feeling too “high”:
    • Take a dose of an 18:1 CBD tincture to soothe any anxious feelings
    • Take deep mindful breaths — yes, this supposedly solves any problem, however, this does really help
    • Drink lemon infused water  — hydration with the zest of the lemon can cool off the nerves from a daring rip
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