Harborside x Dime Bag vape carts

Harborside Introduces: Dime Bag’s Fresh Vape Pens for the Summer Season

Summer has arrived, and we’re beyond excited! Truly, it’s the time for limitless explorations, non-stop merriment, and connecting with amazing individuals! And here’s the news: Dime Bag has just released a new line of products perfectly matched to the dynamic energy of summer.

Prepare yourselves for six new, delectable strains: Strawberry Cough, Peach Rings, Apple Fritter, Magic Melon, Berries & Cream, and Rainbow Kush!

Quite the assortment, wouldn’t you say?

These vape pens embody simplicity and compactness, fitting perfectly in your hand. But it’s not just about appearances. Anticipate a surge of flavor with every puff, and the highlight is, they’re rechargeable. That’s correct, your battery won’t give up before your high! Dime Bag understands the essentials!

Plus, the inhale-activated continuous oil flow assures voluminous clouds. These vapes conveniently slip into your pocket or bag, an ideal companion for any outing!

With the vapes clearly tagged, you won’t find yourself wide-awake when you’re all set for some couch time or ready for an adventure when you’re actually in a chill mode! The excitement around these vapes is proliferating rapidly. Since their inception just a few weeks ago, they’ve been the talk of the town. Fortunately for you, they’re available for purchase in stores across the state.

Here’s the truth: Dime Bag offers products for every mood, preference, or event. In essence, Dime Bag is your go-to choice for a stocked summer. And don’t be misled by the name; these vapes are significantly more potent than the stuff from the past. Dime Bag doesn’t skimp on potency, yet they still maintain affordability. It’s genuine!

So, what are you holding out for? Secure one of these revolutionary vape pens from Dime Bag and gear up for an extraordinary summer.

It’s time to enhance your experience and create some unforgettable memories.

Trust us, you will not be let down!

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