Cannabis is Wellness: Featuring THE BALM

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Samantha Goldie


In this interview, we discuss wellness with Samantha Goldie, the co-founder of THC-rich cannabis topical THE BALM. Samantha has dedicated the past nine years of her life researching cannabis medicine, and has extensive knowledge in cannabis and cannabis therapy.

In 2011, Samantha’s mother became extremely ill and Samantha researched effective alternatives to opioid treatments, pursuing the idea that cannabis can provide an alternate and safe relief for her mother’s back injury and pain. With such unwavering belief, she curated a new path toward wellness and recovery via the use of THC therapy.

THE BALM is specifically formulated to replenish key essential vitamins and oils leaving you feeling revitalized while also deeply moisturizing your skin. Their THC rich formulated topical is also non-psychoactive, so you receive all of the anti inflammatory properties of cannabis without feeling tired or medicated.

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