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California Cannabis Brands That Are Making A Difference

California Cannabis Brands That Are Making A Difference

A big foundation that the cannabis industry is built on is giving back to the community. Social equity is one of the biggest drivers behind the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana, with many states pushing for cannabis licenses for those unfairly affected by past cannabis laws.

It isn’t just the cannabis industry focusing on social issues and equity, either. A recent survey conducted by Sprout Social highlighted that over 70% of consumers wanted brands to take a bigger stand on social and political issues.

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of business and community, how your cannabis business or brand could make a difference in the community, and some of the top cannabis brands making massive inroads into community projects and social equity.

Harborside Cannabis Dispensary High Purpose San Francisco Community Cleanup

Importance of Business and Community

The time of staying neutral as a business on political and social issues is truly gone. Instead, 67% of consumers surveyed believed that brands were educating them on important social topics in their community.

Consumers are more likely to make purchases from a company that they believe aligns with their social values. Even small steps in the right direction are considered enough for some customers to choose one company over another.

Of course, companies will need to carefully consider making a political stand on an issue that could potentially negatively affect their client base. However, aligning yourself with the values of your clients could have a much more significant positive impact on your business.

How is your cannabis business making a difference in the local community?

How to Make An Impact/Difference In the Cannabis Industry

One of the buzzwords many companies are focusing on now is social responsibility. What does social responsibility mean? It means that businesses operate in a way that not only increases their profitability but also acts in a way that benefits society.

Social responsibility is becoming increasingly important for consumers and investors looking for a financially viable investment that they believe benefits the welfare of our society and the environment.

What are the critical components of social responsibility?

  • Businesses should focus not only on profits and increasing business value but also operate in a manner that benefits society.
  • Businesses interested in social responsibility should incorporate policies that promote and boost the well-being of society and the environment while ensuring that they do not negatively impact either.
  • Some of the ways companies can increase social responsibility are by promoting volunteering, giving back to the community, positive environmental changes, and ethical labor practices.

A Few Cannabis Brands That Are Making A Difference In 2022

Below are just a few of the cannabis brands that are making socially responsible choices and making a difference to the community around, in no particular order!

Nug Greater Community California Cannabis Company


At NUG, they believe that diversity and representation in the cannabis industry are critical to normalization. They are committed to supporting greater community equity, and that begins by supporting the cannabis brands they stock in their store. Their Greater Community Program lifts up underrepresented cannabis brands and highlights them for further engagement and investment. Part of the program includes promotional advertisements featuring brands, their history, and also in-store marketing support.

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Sundae School California and Korean Owned Cannabis Company

Sundae School

Sundae School is a craft cannabis brand and fashion label that was born in Seoul but raised in California. Its mission is to globalize cannabis by delivering high-quality highs and illustrating narratives that normalize and de-stigmatize the cannabis plant. Their team is comprised of immigrants, LGBTQIA+, people of color, and mission-driven creatives that are working towards building a community that reflects the many, not just the lucky few.

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High Purpose Cannabis San Francisco Social Equity Brand Harborside

High Purpose

At the High Purpose, they believe in not only selling high-quality cannabis products but also educating the community on the greater properties of this natural plant as an alternative medicine to traditional pharmaceutical products. They also donate a percentage of profits from sales back to the community through donations of food, clothing, and other basic necessities.

High Purpose at San Francisco

Pure Beauty Cannabis California at Harborside Dispensaries

Pure Beauty

At Pure Beauty they are well aware of the historical injustice within the cannabis industry and understand that they have a responsibility as an ethical cannabis business to try and correct it. They want to use their voice to make the voice of the community heard, diverse, and most importantly, fair. They donate a portion of proceeds to fund a program that assists currently incarcerated and past incarcerated people. They are committed to being part of the solution, not the problem.

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Here was just a few of our favorite cannabis brands that are making a clear and positive difference to their communities, in the industry and in people’s lives.

Social responsibility in the cannabis industry has always played in an important role, and how brands and business are implementing positive socially responsible changes are becoming a staple in a brand’s story.

If you have any questions about our article on cannabis brands that are making a difference or social responsibility, then don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us directly. Our friendly and professional team is standing by and always happy to attempt to answer any of your cannabis questions!

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