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Harborside “Best of” California Cannabis

“Best of” California Cannabis

Best California Cannabis Brands

Most Popular California Cannabis Brands

California’s top 10 cannabis brands for 2023, based on sales data from Harborside. Quality, consistency, & popularity. Find your favorite at Harborside.

Harborside Cannabis Farm picture of a weed plant

Most Popular California Weed Strains

Get an inside look at California’s top 10 cannabis flower strains in 2023. Explore quality, consistency, and what makes them customer favorites.

Illustration of popular cannabis edibles

Most Popular California Edible Brands

Looking to explore California’s vast cannabis market? We’ve curated a list of 2023’s top edible brands, backed by sales data and customer reviews. Expect quality and consistency.
Most popular types of cannabis edible products

Most Popular Types of Cannabis Edibles

Discover 2023’s top cannabis edibles at Harborside: from gummies to chocolates and savory bites. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, there’s something for every palate.