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Adapting to Change with Meditation & Canndescent’s Calm

Adapting to change is incredibly stressful for many during this time. Most recently, we have been forced to handle whatever situations have come our way, including staying at home and limiting in-person socializing. With stress levels running high, it’s important to find ways of staying calm and centered to keep everything in a positive perspective.

Combining cannabis and meditation is an excellent tactic to help manage the mayhem that happens in our lives. Actively setting some time aside during the day to consume a soothing strain and meditate in your own way can help you cope with the stress you may be feeling.

Anytime you feel a bit tense, stressed out, or off-balance – reaching for Canndescent’s Calm effect can help transport your mind and body into bliss. Flavorful cannabis-derived terpenes such as b-caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene quiet the mental chatter, help the body relax, and soothe the soul, allowing you to find your center.

When including cannabis in your practice, start low, go slow, and remember to make it work with your lifestyle. Meditation doesn’t just mean silently sitting still. Enjoy an active lifestyle? Take a walk outside with a Calm mini pre-roll pack to relax the mind and collect your thoughts in nature. Just want to wind down? Soak the body tension and stress away with your vape pen and a Calm cartridge in a hot bubble bath. Rather let someone else take the reins? Let a guided meditation track wash over you while you melt into a pool of relaxation on the couch with a pre-rolled joint.

Remember, change is a constant in our lives, and it is practically impossible to keep ourselves removed from it. Instead of letting changes to your routine stress you out, reach for Canndescent’s Calm, and allow yourself the quiet, peace, and solitude needed to reflect on and nourish your busy life.

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