In the current age of cannabis, much of the conversation around active ingredients comes down to THC and CBD.

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Indica & Sativa

While the cannabis experience is much more dynamic than two categories, Indica and Sativa terminology has become an industry standard.

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Cannabis is Love: Pride

As we celebrate Pride Month, Harborside’s Cannabis Is: Love campaign proudly honors the Bay Area LGBTQ+ community. We look to the strength and bravery of the LGBTQ+ community who’ve not only faced an uphill battle against bigotry and oppression, but who have fought tirelessly against cannabis prohibition and forged the path that has paved the way for dispensaries like us.

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Asian woman holding bag that reads: Love Over Hate

Cannabis is Love: Alexis Mora

In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, we speak with Alexis Mora, a member of the AAPI community who leads Key Cannabis. Alexis is an innovative marketing leader who is active in her dedication to community advocacy and social justice.

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Woman, Man, and Woman standing with tote bags

Cannabis is Love: AAPI

Our new ‘Love Over Hate’ canvas tote bags reflect Harborside’s core values. We are donating 25% of proceeds to the nonprofit 18MillionRising to support the AAPI community.

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Harborside Farms Tour

With the combined knowledge of our 14 years in the California Cannabis Industry, all our plants are grown using natural practices on our 47-acre facility in Monterey County, CA.

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