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During the 1970s and 1980s, California farms produced a vast array of top-shelf, sungrown cannabis until decades of prohibition forced the industry into the shadows.

Out of necessity, manufacturers improved indoor growing equipment, and over time, many growers nearly replicated the power of the sun to grow their plants. As time passed and cannabis marketers got savvier, the myth of indoor plant superiority grew.

Today, most people choose indoor-grown cannabis without knowing the benefits of all-natural, sungrown cannabis, or the impact indoor growing has on price, quality and the environment.

With today’s reforms to state law, Harborside is guiding the industry back into the sunlight, where we are growing sungrown, pesticide-free Clean Cannabis that is rich, powerful, aromatic and affordable.

Premium Reserve Flower

Available in 1/8th Jars


1 gram each


14 grams each

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