Harborside Rewards Update

Harborside Rewards Update Effective March 13, 2019

Today we implemented an update to Harborside Rewards and we are excited to announce the improvements to the customer experience. We have absorbed a great deal of customer feedback and it gave the defining shape to the update. Our goals are:

  • To make it simpler to access your account (on your smartphone and no password to remember)
  • To make earning points simpler to follow (1 point = $1)
  • To provide more transparency. (after every purchase you immediately see the points added).

Please refer to the Harborside Rewards page for a visual explanation of the updated rewards experience.

When you login to your Rewards Wallet for the first time you will notice that you will have an order of magnitude fewer points than before the update. This is by design – it does not mean you’ve lost value. Your available point balance after store close on March 12, 2019 was divided by 17.7 in order to translate your points balance to the new rewards economy. The good news is that rewards menu has also become and order of magnitude less “pointsexpensive.” Effectively, you are more “well off” in the new wallet.

With the elimination of tiers, does this mean that big spenders will be rewarded less? No. We did simplify the program for all customers by making the earnings rate uniform. At a base earnings level, everyone earns points at the same rate. Harborside now has more capability to offer points promotions by customer spending levels. We are also excited to introduce more VIP experiences through the Harborside Rewards program.

I understand the points conversion from the Update but I still feel like all of my points are not reflected? It is possible that two accounts got created for you along the way. With your help we can research it and we will merge your points if it is appropriate. Please fill out the form below to help us respond to your request efficiently.

We appreciate your loyalty and your patience with us as we evolve with you.

Your Harborside Team

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