Friends & Family Sale

Thanks for Being Part of the Harborside Community

Friends & Family Sale Valid Jan. 7 - Jan. 20

Harborside Farms Reserve Eighths30% OffAll Stores
Harborside Farms Reserve Pre-Rolls25% OffAll Stores
Winter Key Pre-Roll Pack25% OffAll Stores
Key Single Pre-Rolls (GG10 and Tropsanto)25% OffDesert Hot Springs (DHS)
Key Eighths (GG10 and Tropsanto)30% OffDHS
Mr. Moxey All Products10% OffAll Stores
Big Pete’s Holiday Cookies25% OffSan Leandro & DHS
Aster Farms Holiday Kit (In-Store Only)15% OffAll Stores
Mellows Peppermint Bark20% OffSan Jose, San Leandro, & DHS
Candescent Cheer Eighths20% OffOakland, San Jose, & DHS
Candescent Cheer Pre-Rolls20% OffOakland, San Jose, & DHS
Airgraft All Products25% OffOakland & San Jose
Cream Of The Crop FSO 1:125% OffSan Jose & San Leandro
Ember Valley Eighths15% OffSan Leandro & DHS
Ember Valley Pre-Rolls15% OffSan Leandro & DHS
Kikoko Sensuali-Tea Pouch15% OffSan Jose
Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Gel Pen Sativa15% OffSan Jose

Ways to Pay

In-store: cash and debit
Curbside: Treez Pay, cash, CanPay, and debit
Delivery: Treez Pay, cash and CanPay