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Harborside Buying Guides Summer Cannabis Gift Guide: Adventure Essentials

Summer Cannabis Gift Guide: Adventure Essentials

As we bid adieu to the warm, sun-soaked days, Harborside invites you to keep the summer spirit alive.

Whether you’re soaking up the last rays by the pool, firing up the grill with friends, or taking in a golden-hour sunset, our curated collection of top-notch cannabis products will elevate your end-of-summer experiences.

Let’s dive right in.

Smokiez edibles

Poolside Bliss: Smokiez Edible Gummies

Lean back on your pool float and let Smokiez gummies do their magic. Expertly crafted for those cherished moments of relaxation, these treats offer a discreet yet potent way to enhance your poolside leisure.

Bloom Surf

Sunset Gazers: Bloom Surf All-in-One Vape

Why just watch the sunset when you can immerse yourself in it? Bloom’s all-in-one vapes are your pocket-sized companions for capturing life’s picturesque moments, providing portability without sacrificing quality.

Dime Bag flower

Grill & Chill: Dime Bag Flower

Elevate your barbecue game with Dime Bag’s premium flower offerings. Select from an array of strains, each specifically chosen for their ability to set the stage for maximum grill-side relaxation.

CBX flower

Reach New Peaks: CBX Flower

Embrace the great outdoors with CBX’s artisanal flower strains. Immerse yourself in nature’s grandeur while enjoying a spectrum of aromas and effects that CBX offers, curated for the adventurous at heart.

PAX vaporizer

Adventure in Your Pocket: PAX Vaporizers

With PAX, freedom is just a puff away. These sleek vaporizers empower you to explore, allowing you to carry the essence of your favorite strains wherever your adventures take you.

Dime Bag joints

Sunset Ready: Dime Bag Pre-Rolls

Experience the magic of summer sunsets with Dime Bag’s pre-rolled joints. Convenient, potent, and perfect for impromptu moments of relaxation, they are an adventurer’s best friend.

Kingpen Kingroll joints

Grillmaster’s Choice: Kingroll Infused Pre-Rolls

Ignite more than just your grill with Kingroll’s infused pre-rolls. A smorgasbord of strains and flavors awaits to amplify your culinary prowess and enliven your late-summer gatherings.

Binske chocolates

Starry Nights: Binske Chocolates

Post-barbecue, indulge in Binske’s cannabis-infused chocolates. A celestial treat that pairs perfectly with a night under the stars.

Fuzzies joints

Fireside Memories: Fuzzies Infused Joints

Brighten your bonfire nights with Fuzzies’ infused joints, expertly crafted for sharing stories and laughs around a crackling flame.

Mary's Medicinals tincture

Lunar Serenity: Mary’s Medicinals Wellness Products

Close your day with a moment of lunar tranquility, courtesy of Mary’s Medicinals. Their wellness range elevates your moonlit relaxation to celestial levels.

Special End-of-Summer Savings

Your one-stop shop for all things summer, Harborside is thrilled to offer special savings: order online for in-store pickup and save $75 on all orders over $250.

Don’t let summer slip away—keep the vibe alive with Harborside’s premium selection.

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