Vendor Information

Vendor Contact

Email at:


Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm

Vendor by Appointment

Monday – Friday: 10am-5pm

Appointments are 30 minutes, please come prepared and arrive on time, or we may have to reschedule.
Please limit your team to three people since our office is small.

See contact information above to set an appointment.

Vendor Payments and Payouts

Checks mailed Monday – Thursday.

See contact information above to set an appointment

Basic Requirements

  • BCC License for Manufacturing and/or Distribution
  • Retail ready/complaint packaging for the products you are bringing in.
  • Current menu and COA’s for products being shown.
  • BCC compliant manifest of any samples brought in that you wish to leave with the department.


  • Any digital/media/promotional materials.
  • Information about any community outreach your company takes part in.

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