Harborside Farms

Harborside Farms

Homegrown at Harborside

California love direct from the heart of the coast. The mineral rich hillside adjacent to our Salinas Valley farm provides a lush and fertile home for our single-origin craft grown cannabis. With one of the smallest carbon footprints in the industry, nature, in tandem with a near century of combined growing experience, assists us in delivering a wide array of sought after strains any time of year while practicing mindful sustainability. Green-house grown—we harness the power of the sun to bring out the best terpene profiles possible while steering clear of any pesticides or contaminates to bring you some of the cleanest and most robust cannabis offerings available. We invite you to join us in experiencing the flavor, beauty, and bliss of Harborside Farms.

Premium Reserve Flower

Available in 1/8th Jars

Hand manicured select flower from award winning batches, our green-house growing process ensures a fully developed terpene profile for a well rounded experience—both in taste and effect. Enjoy the delightful complexities of cannabis at its best.


1 gram each

California love on the go. Enjoy our award winning strain-specific flower in a convenient one gram pre-roll. 


14 grams each

Our flower is dried within state of the art Darwin Chambers and expertly cured for the highest quality smoking experience. Enjoy cannabis as it should be.


Got a green thumb? Our Salinas Valley world-class nursery delivers a wide selection of first-rate clones so that you too can participate in the tradition of growing. Our clones range from OG staples to the rare and canna-coveted. Perfect for beginners and expert growers alike. Cut from premium mother plants and supervised by experts, our clones bring the top shelf to your garden.

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