14 Daze of Deals

Light Up Your Holidays with Fun Flash Specials

14 Daze of Deals: Flash Sales Everyday

Potli Clones CBD Key
Dec. 10, 2020Key Single Pre-Roll10% Off
Dec. 11, 2020Key Pre-Roll Pack10% Off
Dec. 12, 2020Harborside Plants & Clones10% Off
Dec. 13, 2020Harborside Farms Reserve 1/8ths15% Off
Dec. 14, 2020PLUS Gummies15% Off
Dec. 15, 2020Doc Green’s One Drops10% Off
Dec. 16, 2020Care by Design All Products15% Off + Free Gift (Bath Salts)
Dec. 17, 2020Aster Farms Pre-Rolls (Singles + Packs)15% Off
Dec. 18, 2020Potli All Products 15% Off
Dec. 19, 2020Lowell Concentrates & Cartridges15% Off
Dec. 20, 2020La Familia Edibles & Drinks15% Off
Dec. 21, 2020ABX, All Products Except HI-FI15% Off 
Dec. 22, 2020Fuzzies15% Off
Dec. 23, 2020Hella Dank15% Off
La Familia Hella Dank Plus Gummies Harborside Farms

Holiday Hours

Closed Fri, 12/25 (Christmas)

Closed Fri, 1/1 (New Year’s)

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